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The Wisdom Behind Wisdom Teeth

Posted on: May 2nd, 2017 | Categories: Health Tips

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Removing your wisdom teeth usually means a few different things. While it’s a great opportunity to miss school or work, it can also result in pain. It can be especially painful for those of us who had to wait until winter break or summer vacation to get them out. In that case it can mean not being able to eat Grandma’s Christmas cookies, or being cooped up while everyone else hits the beach.

What’s the Deal?

Wisdom teeth typically come in between the ages of 17 to 21. While some people can live their entire lives without any problems with their wisdom teeth, some people have pain, infections, tooth decay, and gum inflammation associated with their wisdom teeth. If you have any of these issues occur, then it is likely that you need them to be removed.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth

While having a wisdom tooth removed can be a painful experience, it is necessary because many wisdom teeth do not come in normally, but rather become impacted.

An impacted wisdom tooth is trapped beneath the gum and bone of the teeth in front of them. If impacted teeth do erupt, they may only erupt partially and be tilted sideways. They can cause damage to the teeth surrounding them and thus they need to be removed.

While many people are concerned with the cost of wisdom tooth removal, it’s far better to address the issue before it affects your adjacent teeth. Fixing damaged teeth, curing infected gums, and realigning dentition will cost much more in the long run versus a simple tooth extraction.

At Auburn Dental Group our experienced oral surgeons have performed many wisdom teeth extractions. Extractions usually take less than an hour, and the recovery time only takes a few days.

Schedule a visit to your local Auburn, MA dentist’s office to learn more about wisdom tooth removal.

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