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The Advantages of Having a Periodontist and General Dentist in the Same Office

Posted on: July 28th, 2023 | Categories: General Dentistry

In the past decade, dentistry has witnessed a significant transformation, as many dental offices have evolved from being single providers offering restorative dentistry to embracing the integration of dental specialists within their practice. Recognizing the advantages of this approach for patients, Auburn Dental Group has embraced this shift, aligning itself with this trend in the industry. One of the most useful specialties for patients has been periodontics since there is greater demand for gum disease treatment and dental implants. Here are the benefits that the patients of Auburn Dental Group have seen with the introduction of a periodontist at the dental office.

Comprehensive and Integrated Dental Care

One of the core tenants of Auburn Dental Group has always been to offer patients comprehensive dental care. This is why the first appointment for new patients at our dental office near Worcester has been a meeting with the dentist instead of a dental cleaning. This enables the dentist to get to know the patient’s individual health, goals, and needs. With a periodontist in the dental office, patients have the added advantage of not only having a comprehensive consultation in one office, but also getting comprehensive care in one location.

Periodontists focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum diseases, while general dentists handle a broad range of dental issues, including preventive care, restorative procedures, and routine check-ups. The collaboration between these professionals ensures that patients receive complete oral health evaluations, leading to better treatment planning and more effective outcomes. This comprehensive approach better suites the complex dental needs of the large, diverse, and growing population of the Worcester area.

Seamless Communication and Coordination Around Dental Treatment Plans

With the general dentist and periodontist working side by side, communication and coordination between them become seamless. Sharing patient records, treatment plans, and progress updates is easier. This leads to improved efficiency in delivering dental care. The general dentist and periodontist now have the option to meet in person to discuss the treatment plan while both looking at the patient records together in the same room.

No longer will there be a scenario of the periodontist having to ask for access the patient records or playing phone tag with the general dentist attempting to discuss the treatment plan. Both dentists’ schedules are coordinates centrally in one office allowing for the free flow of patient records and schedule coordination. As a result, the patient benefits from having a team of dental experts who are well-informed about their specific needs, leading to personalized and effective treatments.

Early Periodontal Intervention

Periodontal diseases can often be silent and asymptomatic until they reach an advanced stage. Luckily regular dental visits to a dentist that takes a comprehensive approach to dentistry allows early detection of periodontal issues during routine dental check-ups. In a traditional, two office, setting the dentist would refer the patient to a periodontist in another dental office for treatment. This might create a barrier for the patient and delay treatment as they may not book the appointment with the periodontist immediately.

With a the periodontist in the same dental office as the general dentist, the patient can easily be booked right away since they are booking in the same dental office as their general dentist. This ensures they receive immediate treatment, preventing further complications and preserving the patient’s oral health.

Continuity of Dental Care

Patients often develop strong relationships with their dental care providers. Having a periodontist and general dentist in the same office promotes continuity of care, as patients can maintain their relationship with the same dental team throughout their oral health journey. Instead of going to a different dental office in another town for part of their care, patients can get all the dental work done near Worcester in the same dental office. This sense of familiarity can lead to increased trust, comfort, and better compliance with recommended treatments.

If you’re looking for a dentist near Worcester and the idea of integrated, comprehensive dental care in one dental office seems appealing, we urge you to book an appointment at Auburn Dental Group. We’d be happy for you to experience the benefits of this multi-specialty dental office first-hand.

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